Our Story

The Mission

      To provide you with more than just a piece of jewelry, but to provide you with an experience with each unique piece that makes a statement to you. A new start, a new you, a new beginning to express yourself as you see fit.


The Passion

       I have always loved Jewelry, earrings especially; it has always been a passion of mine to express myself in the unique pieces I find, sometimes classic and timeless to funky and fabulous.  It is with expression of each piece that defines my creativity and uniqueness. I want to bring that same experience that I feel to you.  Offering a variety carefully selected pieces that brings out the classy, timeless and fabulous funky you!

The Brandy Story

      MaddieX started as just a thought, an idea. Then this idea continued to pop in and out of my head over and over again, scared at first not knowing if this was something that I could actually bring to life, but then realizing that I have to bring it to life as it was now a calling.  After doubting myself for so long I made the decision to do it and make a chance and step out of my comfort zone and with that Maddie X Jewelry was born, with a focus on hoop earrings(for now). I wanted this brand to be more than just another Jewelry brand that carries just another pair of earrings.  I wanted to make sure I had a variety of different styles, colors, sizes and unique pieces for  everyone to have the same experience as I did when selecting these pieces.  I want this to be a moment in time a vibe an experience for each individual to explore as they find the right piece that best fits who they are.  With so much uncertainty in the world today, I knew I was certain that this is my calling, a piece of my experience and expressions that can live on through others. The name, very unique and special in its own right. Maddie short for my darling busy little bee Madison and the X for my loving and strong willed son Micah Xavier, this is really for them. Leaving them something that they can continue to grow and share new experiences and new beginnings.

​                    Welcome and enjoy!