Explore our unique collections designed to meet your creative side!

This is only one of our many selections that you will find to satisfy your many moods.

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Our Classic Collection

Discover some of our unique classics that include Gold/Silver dipped hoops for any occasion.

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Classic Hoops

Select from gold or silver dipped hoops!

Acrylic Collection

You like funky and fun? The Acrylic Collection could be the answer you are looking for. From geometric shapes to crescent designs and fun vibrant colors. We have something for everyone.

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Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

Experience our Specilty Hoops Collection that will give you a unique look and feel.

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Maddie X Jewelry

We hand select each piece with your pleasure in mind.

  • Gold and Silver circular split earrings.

    We believe in providing you with a wide variety of choices at an affordable price. Fill your jewelry box with all your wants and desires.

    Speciality Hoops 
  • Silver dipped thick hoops

    Each item is designed to match your multiple wishes for any ocassion.

    Classic Hoops 

Huggie Hoop Collection